Stellation Media Review – I Spent $745 On It (Safe & Legit, or a Scam?)

Stellation Media Review

It cost me a total of $798 to purchase stellation media, and I will be guiding you through my findings in this review so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not stellation media is something you would want; to utilize for yourself.

Stellation Media, amongst all Instagram audiences and software growth solutions, is one of the most recommended for its mode of use.

Individuals utilize this platform for personal reasons, while businesses use it for business and marketing goals, and it is widely used.

You must have recommended this software to help you build your Instagram audience and followers, but you have a hard time placing your trust in it, so you chose to learn more about it yourself.

This is because you know little about this software and I’m going to fix that.

In this article, I will analyze everything about Stellation Media to act as a review article to make an informed decision.

I’ll start with the most recent Stellation Media reviews from other users and work my way up from there. Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with both the required information and the experiences of other Instagram users…

Let’s get straight into the review without wasting any more of your precious time by making sure that everyone who reads this review understands exactly what stellation media is all about…

What Exactly Is Stellation Media?

“Stellation Media” is an Instagram growth program that claims to assist both businesses and individuals in gaining real and engaged Instagram followers that will like your posts and engage with you in a meaningful way…

Stellation media operates in such a way that, once you have registered your account and completed a legal payment, the following step would be for you to provide them with the names of your competitors.

And YES, when I say competitors, I’m referring to folks who already have thousands of the exact type of Instagram followers that you want.

For example, suppose you have a weight loss-related Instagram account, and you have paid for a Stellation Media plan. In that case, the people you should identify as your competitors and give to Stellation Media should be people who have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers and are also interested in weight loss.

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To obtain these genuine and active followers, once you have provided stellation media with this information, they will go out of their way to automatically engage with the individuals who are actively engaging with the posts of the competitors you have provided them with information.

If your competitors post anything on social media and receive likes and comments from the thousands of individuals who follow them, what stellation media does is to go out and automatically like and comment on the images of those who have interacted with your competitors posts.

Moreover, being the normal human beings we are, they will be curious to see who has liked and commented on their posts. It is at this point that they will notice your account, go to check it out, and if they enjoy what they find, they are more likely to become followers of yours because you know for a fact that they are interested in what you do because they already follow and engage with your competitors, who are also interested in your product or service.

Isn’t it straightforward? YES, that is precisely how the stellation media system operates! As a result of learning more about stellation media, let’s take a closer look at some of its features to see what it can genuinely accomplish for us…

Stellation Media Features: What Can it Do?

Here, I’ll go over all of the features included with the stellation media Instagram growth program, so you’ll know precisely what you’re getting when you make a purchase.

1. The Inbox Feature on Instagram:

In its most basic form, this Instagram inbox function allows you to view and manage your Instagram direct message (DM) section without having to go outside of the stellation media dashboard, which is a huge time saver.

2. The Profile Management Feature:

This profile management function works in a way that is also a specific feature to customize from inside the dashboard everything within your Instagram account… You may handle and update things such as your username, website, organics, phone number, e-mail, privacy, and many more.

3. DM Cleaner:

This is another simple tool that you can use to instantly remove any undesired or irrelevant messages in your Instagram DM box. This particular aspect of stellation media was precious for me.

4. The Auto Story Repost Feature:

This feature is self-explaining because, as the name says, what it does for you is pretty straightforward. It lets you randomly and automatically repost tales of other people on your own Instagram history feed.

5. The Schedule Feature:

As its name says, it lets you plan your Instagram postings when you want them to be posted automatically on stellation media. Just that’s what this one does for you and me because I use it a lot. This particular feature has been handy for me in my Instagram growth.

6. The Mass Voting Feature:

That enables us to automatically vote on other people’s Instagram stories with the primary goal of drawing their attention to our Instagram account so that they would eventually follow us.

7. The Mass Story Viewing Feature:

The name implies that you automatically view Instagram stories in big numbers every day to persuade people to discover our profiles and follow us if they like what you see. This story-watching feature is something that is now trending on Instagram’s growth charts.

8. Mass Automatic Direct Messages (DM):

This ass DM tool sends direct messages automatically to people you have talked about in the past on your Instagram account. You can also automatically send direct messages to new followers after they follow you. This type of communication is generally a message of “thank you for following me.”

9. The Mass Follow/Unfollow/Like Feature:

This is one of the most crucial and most frequently utilized features on this list because it is the one that draws the most attention from users… As the name implies, it can automatically follow, unfollow, and hugely like photos associated with your Instagram account, which is how we obtain the majority of our followers.

10. Advanced Analytics:

As the name says, this advanced analytics function is just there to assist you in understanding how your Instagram account is expanding… It is a clean and intelligent dashboard that lets you obtain an overview of your progress so far.

11. Auto Accept Followers:

This functionality is helpful for private Instagram persons or company accounts. You know that when people monitor Instagram’s accounts, the owners must go manually to accept or reject requests. Still, you can do it automatically by using this option in stellation media.

12. Image Editor:

This function is quite self-explanatory by its name since it’s obviously there to let you edit your Instagram photos if you wish…

Now that we’ve looked at what these features are let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of stellation media, which you’ll need to know to assess your options and make your final decision. I’ll start with the advantages and then move on to the disadvantages.

PROS: Things I Like About Stellation Media!

Here, I’m going to go through things I liked myself when I used stellation, so you’ll know what these good things are right below:

1. Fast Customer Response Times:

Each time I find myself in trouble and need support with anything, I get a speedy answer from one of their support team members. This is something that I should mention as a pro because, from my experience in testing most of Instagram’s growth services, approximately 75 percent of them have terrible customer support.

2. The Personal Account Managers That I Got:

After I paid with stellation media, I was assigned a personal account manager to ask questions and obtain advice on what my Instagram account’s greatest growth techniques are… And this thing is something I’d think is a pro because most of the other growing Instagram companies don’t get it out of the field.


This is something most of the biggest competitors in stellation media like Kicksta won’t offer you. And, as I previously stated, you may >>CLICK HERE<< for a special referral link that will get you their free demo as well as a discount if you decide to buy after using their free demo.

And for those who are unfamiliar with what this stellation media FREE demo does for you, it allows you to try out the product on your Instagram profile for the sole purpose of determining whether or not it is something you would want to use based on the amount of growth and engagement you see on your Instagram account.

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4. The Live Chat & Knowledge Base:

One thing I enjoyed about their service is that while using stellation media they had a fast knowledge base, users like me and I could immediately discover answers to quick questions that were popular. They also feature a live chat that may be used to connect and have a live discussion with one of their support staff members, in order to help you resolve problems.

5. The Fact That It Worked:

We both know that tonnes of Instagram growing companies are claiming that they’ll gain you real followers, but at the end of the day they’ll send you a load of rapid, false followers. But believe me when I say that this one is gradual and steady, and most importantly, it delivers only REAL folks who are truly interested in your topic.

In any case… I think the fact that stellation media worked for me is something worth mentioning because I’ve tried other Instagram services in the past, such as stim social, and they’ve done nothing but fail and fail repeatedly…

Now that I’ve explained what these things are, I’ll continue on to discuss the aspects of stellation media that I didn’t particularly care for so that you can compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages before making your final selection.

CONS: Things You Might Not Really Like About Stellation Media!

Now, just below this paragraph, I’ll guide you through some of the aspects of stellation media that I believe you would find objectionable:

1. There are no refunds, but this is a justified decision:

First and foremost, the fact that there is no way for you to get your money back if you do not like their service may deter some people from considering it. However, as I previously stated, this is justifiable because they provide you with a FREE demo to be able to test out their program so that if you do not like it, you will have no reason to ask for a refund because you are the one who made the decision to use it.

2. Aside from the fact that they do the following:

No money-back guarantee and I haven’t really discovered anything wrong with their service at the time of writing this review, but if I do discover anything wrong with their service at any point in the future, I will make sure to update this page as soon as possible…

Stellation Media Pricing

Stellation media’s price plans are based on a monthly membership basis, and you can see an overview of these plans in the image I’ve included below: Additionally, if you would want a discount, you can do so by clicking through >>  THIS LINK<< and make your payment through it since it will secure a discount for you…

Stellation Media Pricing

You still need to analyse the price package and balance it against your existing financial condition even after you have passed through the features.

You must also consider the price package to be the equivalent of all the services you have to render, and if you find that the price package is not appropriate for your service, you may quickly return it.

The price package for stellation media is divided into three plans – light, standard, and premium.

Their rates are diverse, and the services they offer are also distinct.

Light – $99 per month

Standard – $149 per month

Premium – $199 per month

The price bundle is structured to be paid per month. No annual payment is available.

It’s actually beneficial because you have the option of canceling after an entire month if you are dissatisfied with the growth experienced in the previous month.

The light plan is appropriate for individuals who wish to increase their Instagram audience and followers to communicate more effectively and have more fun.

The standard plan includes simply a few tools. Depending on your niche, you may be restricted to a greater number of tools. The price bundle is appropriate for businesses that are just getting started.

If your company is already established and you just want to expand your reach in terms of audience and sales, the premium plan is for you.

One thing you should check is the volatility of your specialty in social media. Would you mind making confident that your specialty or enterprise won’t just survive online but will do well and flourish online to avoid losing your money at a decent service?

Is Stellation Media 100% secure?

Stellation media, like every other Instagram growth service, is always referred to as blackhat because Instagram does not want services like this to exist because they want their Instagram users who want to grow their accounts to run Instagram ads because that is how Instagram makes money as a company, but the pure truth is that stellation media has been working for me all safely for the past 6 months.

What do I need to begin with stellation media?

When paying, you need to let the stellation media know who your competitors are, and I mean competitors are those who already have thousands of supporters you want. For instance, if you want to build an Instagram profile around cooking, your competition is people with tonnes of supporters who will also like what you are doing.

Does Stellation Media Have A FREE Trial?

Normally the stellation media does not offer FREE trials at all, but you may request a 100% FREE demo if you go through a unique link… And you could >>CLICK HERE<< to go and do that right now… This is a unique link that will take you to their website.

How Does’s Stellation Media’s Story Viewer Work?

The story viewer feature works in such a way that you tell stellation media what kind of followers you want, and after you’ve done that, stellation media will do is that it will view hundreds of thousands of Instagram stories for you, and these stories always result in a minimum of about 20k weekly visitors to Instagram profiles and a minimum of 1500 followers from just their story viewer feature alone.

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What Features Does Stellation Media Have?

Below is a list of the main features of the stellation media:

  1. Advanced analytics to help you track effectively
  2. A Mass Instagram story engagements
  3. Mass story viewing
  4. Mass story voting
  5. An Instagram profile management feature
  6. A mass unwanted DM cleaner
  7. An auto repost feature
  8. An auto Instagram post scheduler & finally
  9. An Image editor
  10. Mass Instagram direct messages (DM)
  11. A feature that auto approves follow requests for private accounts

Are The Followers That I Will Get Real?

Yes, all those that follow stellation media are 100% real folks and I can say it everywhere, since it’s something I’ve used myself, and the supporters they brought arrived slowly, gradually, and most importantly, highly active…

I would also advise you to view the video below to fully grasp what is expected and the factors that decide how much you will grow and how quickly it will be:

Will Stellation Media get me quickly thousands of followers?

Stellation media will undoubtedly send your Instagram profile followers but not thousands of followers overnight, and TRUST ME. From our experience, I am very sure that anyone or firm that promises you thousands of followers will send you 100 percent FAKE Instagram followers to make sure you stay away from such Instagram growth services.

In Conclusion…

Based on all of the factors that we’ve discussed in this post, Stellation media is compelling. However, don’t get me wrong: most people outperform my account in terms of growth. I’ve seen some of my friends grow from 200+ followers to 10k+ in the same span of 5 months that it took mine to grow from 100+ followers to 4k+.

If you read my review till this point and determined that you would attempt the stellation medium, I will suggest >>CLICK THROUGH THIS LINK<< This is a discounted link that will also enable you to get a 100% FREE demo.

In contrast, if you decide not to employ stellation media, please let me know why in the comments section below so that I can try to look at it from your point of view… And I hope you enjoyed the reading with all the points presented here… See you!

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