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Mini Importation business is one of the fastest-growing businesses you can get involved in at the convenience of your home, little Startup Capital, and gives you the opportunity of attending to other businesses, which means you can do this business along with any other forms of business.

Importation business is a GOLDMINE which most Nigerians are yet to take advantage of. Even those that are already into іt ѕtіll lack some basic skills and knowledge оn hоw tо run the business successfully.

The importation business is so cool that with less than Twenty Thousand Naira ($52), you can start a mini importation business and earn a handsome profit.

The return on investments is mostly massive and it is so fun to engage in it.

If you are not sensitive and smart you can’t run a successful importation business in this country.

Yоu can have personal logo оn goods as іf уоu produced them i.e you can print your own name or company’s name on your goods. Yоu can also make money doing these for corporate bodies and organizations.

Dо nоt worry, I will be sharing the whole information with уоu оn this great thread.

You can import any of your desired products at a very cheaper price from different countries like CHINA, TURKEY, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM, the US, UK, DUBAI but out of all China is the main country where most importers import from since they offer the quality product at a reduced price.

Who is this course for:

  • Mini Importers who didn’t get proper training and looking to learn and scale-up.
  • People who are interested in e-commerce business with lesser capital
    University students and unemployed graduates seek to start something for themselves.
  • The entrepreneur who wants a lucrative, sustainable, and at the same time highly scale-able business.
  • Aspiring Mini Importers and small business owners curious about importation from China.
  • 9 – 5 workers looking to start a side business to earn extra income.
  • People who lost their jobs as a result of the economic crisis or another situation.

This is the advert for Wireless Mini Camera. It is imported and offered for sale here locally on Facebook.
First, take a look at the price; the selling price is N29,500 ($78)
I know you will be doubting if people will buy it?

I know if I don’t screenshot all these for you to see practically and just started preaching that you can make millions of money with just a single product, many of you will think we are just blabbing.
Even as high as the price is, kindly take a look at the comments on the product to see how people are crazily demanding it…

See, because of you, I have gone far again to expose the price of the product from China on a site called 1688… Don’t worry I will teach you everything about it so let’s move on.
Actual Price Of the wireless mini camera from China cost how much in the screenshot above? lol… 35 yuan which is equivalent to $5.41 (N2,000 Nigerian Naira).
Now calculate if you order or import 10 pieces and the expenses on Local Delivery + Shipping Cost + Custom Clearing Fee should be at most N8,000 ($20)… because it is a very light weight product.

(FOR 10 sets of the wireless mini camera)
Total Bought from China: 35 yuan (N2000) x 10 sets = N20,000 ($52)
Shipping + clearance fee + local delivery cost: N8,000 ($20)
TOTAL EXPENSE= N20k + N8k = N28,000 ($73)
So now you import 10 sets with N28K AND  offer each for sale at the rate of N29,500 ($78) PER ONE… YOU TOO COMPLETE THE CALCULATION AND TELL ME YOUR PROFIT…

YES! so, because of some doubting Thomas reading this (skeptical ones)… below are screenshots of potential sales evidence of the imported product above offered for sale …

Recap: Don’t forget that we have almost 500 comments from the people interested in this product. The continuous screenshot is meaningless, but I believe the little evidence should speak.


This is car scratch removal imported from China. We are about to reveal another deep profit secret of this business again using this item. Kindly note down that we have over 800 people showing potentially showing interest on this product already. So let’s go!

The selling price here is what?
Ans. N12,000 ($32)
This is the amount the owner is selling it locally…. but let’s quickly cross-check how much it cost in China

From China store, it cost $1.66 (N630 Nigerian Naira)
Let’s say you import 10 sets of this car scratch removal
(FOR 10 sets of Car Scratch Removal)
Total Bought from China: $1.66 (N630) x 10 sets = N6,300 ($16)
Shipping + clearance fee + local delivery cost: N8,000 ($20)
TOTAL EXPENSE= N6,300 + N8,000 = N14,300 ($37)
So now you import 10 sets with N14,300 AND  offer each for sale at the rate of N12,000 ($32) PER ONE… YOU TOO COMPLETE THE CALCULATION AND TELL ME YOUR PROFIT…

YES! so, because of some doubting Thomas reading this (skeptical ones)… below are very few screenshots of potential sales evidence of the imported product above offered for sale …


The smart entrepreneur imported this teeth whitening product and offer for sale at the rate of N8,500 Nigerian Naira ($23)
I will not do breakdown calculation again but we will quickly take a look at how much it cost from Wholesale store in China

From China it cost $0.68 (N259)
When i was selling this product, within a week i used to make around N700,000 ($1,850 USD). It’s a very lucrative product but don’t worry there are many more secrets to expose in the MasterClass and some secret China site that sells at a very cheaper rate.

YES! so, because of some doubting Thomas reading this (skeptical ones)… below are very few screenshot of potential sales evidence of the imported product above offer for sale …


N15,000 Naira for PROMO price
If i open my mouth to tell you the price for this you go vex… Lol. but just to let you know that there is profit in this business
For 15k see people’s comment below… people want buy it by all means…

 117 Comments. 33 Shares. 95,000 views… 
lols… that means if I continue to screenshot this i no get work… imagine if 117 people can show interest in a product… You to predict the rate of sales from this advert alone
If you are here reading these and by now still can’t make a good decision for yourself at this right time; then maybe you need deliverance.
What is the point of your education, if at the end of the day, you sit down looking for and waiting for a job, while an illiterate starts up a business and employs himself? Between the two of you, who is really educated and who is illiterate?

Finding Profitable Products To Sell?

This is actually a serious matter
Some of you reading this used to message me on WhatsApp wondering how they can get profitable products

I want you to agree with me that there are several products but not all products will sell very well
That’s just the truth
So, I will be talking about how to get products that actually will make you good money

Let me give you some little hints as much as the free training can permit me here
My number 1 rule… You do not have to sell what you like… Just ensure you sell whatever people WANT
Look for whatever they want to buy and give it to them as long as it’s nothing illegal though

Most times I sell products that I’m not interested in but are in high demand…

People buy mostly based on Pain or Pleasure but not limited to these 2 reasons of course

Pain: people will spend any amount to get rid of whatever causes them pain… Nobody naturally enjoys pain…
That is why Acne products that work can sell off fast because there are ladies who have been trying to get rid of acne for months or even years with no hope… I know this

Once you present a product to them they will grab it with both hands

Talk about products that actually take away pains and you are in a good market… Toothache, diabetes, waist pain, hypertension, arthritis, etc

And some other types of pain like Weight loss, acne, stretch marks, etc

Weight loss products whether they work or not will most likely sell when promoted properly.. not asking you to sell fake ooo
Stretch marks treatment products will do very well also…

Going from the pleasure point of view is not different
Get a product that a caterer will like.. that a teacher will love.. that a car freak will like etc

whatever will help or enhance what someone loves doing can make a good product to sell
Import products from outside countries easily that will be in high demand here and sell… What is popularly called Mini importation now
Not the way many people are doing mini importation now o…
a far better method… I share my unique strategy in the Mentoring Class

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