12 Best Fiverr Gigs for Your Blog & Business (Hot)

best fiverr gigs

Fiverr is an excellent marketplace to enhance your online presence. I’ll show you in this article the best Fiverr gigs you can buy for your blog.

There is a Fiverr gig out there that will surely help you even in a tiny bit. It doesn’t matter what type of blog or online business you have.


There are also many gigs you should stay away from because they can do more harm than good for your website.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a Fiverr gig through them, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. On the other hand, the links are to the top 12 Fiverr gigs for your Blog and business. For further information, please see my affiliate disclaimer in my privacy policy.

What exactly is Fiverr?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fiverr, here is a brief overview of what it is:

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers may sell their services (also known as gigs) to other users.

When compared to other freelancer websites, the platform is unique in that you do not have to post a project or job and then wait for freelancers (or workers) to come up and bid on it. Instead, you may post a project or job and immediately receive bids from freelancers (or workers).

As an alternative, freelancers have their accounts on Fiverr, where they list services (gigs) that they are willing to provide for a fixed sum of money, which is usually $5, hence the name “Fiverr.”

So all you have to do now is browse Fiverr and find projects that you believe will benefit your blog, business, or even personal life, and then bid on them.

Keep in mind that while the platform began out with performances that were only $5, it has since grown to include events that can be worth thousands of dollars or more.

The type of work you wish to purchase is determined by the freelancer’s expertise, reputation, and testimonies. You can choose cheaper or more expensive gigs depending on your budget and preferences.

Fiverr changed the game totally, and now everyone is talking about the gig economy and side gigs, side hustle gigs, or whatever you want to call it.

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The marketplace offers a wide variety of services and gigs that can be ordered from freelancers worldwide, allowing you to save time and money.

Obscure Fiverr gigs like the purchase of postcards from weird locations worldwide to complete services that can help you and your blog or business flourishes, such as content writing, logo development, and more.

However, there are some Fiverr gigs that you should avoid at all costs, particularly those that involve SEO and link purchasing. Here are some examples.

If you are not careful, you may easily damage your SEO rankings by going out and purchasing many backlinks from Fiverr, for example.

Making things easier for you, I decided to write this post to show you some of the most excellent Fiverr gigs that you can get to increase your online presence, which I believe are some of the best that you can buy.

Top 12 Best Fiverr Gigs

1. Logo Design

A logo design is one of the most excellent Fiverr gigs you can buy, especially if you’re a dummy for graphic design and has no concept of what Illustrator or Photoshop implies.

We all know that a logo is crucial for a brand even if you are not; for example, a large firm like Coca-Cola, a simple blog may gain a lot from a professional logo design.

A clean and professional logo will help distinguish your website and business from the competition.

You want visitors to see your logo and know what your blog, website, or product is all about instantaneously.

So, yes, logos are crucial, and this is the one thing that I would strongly advise you to purchase after reading this list.

A sloppy or poorly designed logo and website can turn off readers to your blog or potential customers.

There is a reason why companies update their logos all the time to keep up with current design trends.

Get A Creative Logo Designed

2. Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Whiteboard and explainer videos are other fantastic Fiverr gigs to consider investing in it.

Why? Well… it ought to be like this question: Why the hell not?

YouTube is massive, video marketing is on the rise, and more than 90% of marketers claim video marketing is effective for them.

Furthermore, an explainer film makes it much easier to explain your product, a guide, a tutorial, your firm, or anything else.

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Explainer videos are being used by an increasing number of consumers and businesses. Year after year, his clientele has grown.

Because more and more content on the internet is now in video format (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Stories, and so on), I’m confident that the trend will continue as well.

Pricing for explainer video gigs on Fiverr ranges from $5 for 30 seconds to hundreds of dollars.

It depends on you, your budget, and the freelancer you choose to purchase the Fiverr gig from, as they all have varying prices and charge extra for things like music, commercial rights, and so on.

Get cheap Explainer Videos Here

3. Market Research

Do you need data for a great case study to post on your blog? What if you wanted to boost your social media marketing by providing relevant insights that could benefit others in your niche?

Whatever the situation may be, there are many Market Research Fiverr gigs available for around $5.

You might also use these research opportunities to gain a comprehensive grasp and analysis of:

  1. Your competition
  2. Lead generation
  3. Demand
  4. Products
  5. Size of the market
  6. Market trends
  7. Target customers

There are many more, but these are some of the most important reasons for purchasing a gig like this.

Hint: Blog entries featuring many data, such as pie charts and analysis, rank pretty well in Google, so make use of this.

Get Market Research Done Here

4. Voice-overs

If you’re looking for a professional voice-over at a low price, look no further. Fiverr is an excellent location to purchase them.


Because, in comparison to other, more expensive marketplaces or freelancing sites, you have access to high-quality voice-over artists who can charge as little as $5 per 100 words (which comes at about 1 minute of a voice recording).

You may use your professional voice-over in various ways, like converting your blog content to audio for a more immersive experience, creating a commercial, creating a whiteboard animated video, and so on.

Read More;

People also buy them for amusement, such as birthday parties, pranks, and other such occasions. But, since we’re talking about the best Fiverr gigs for your blog, I guess they don’t count.

Unless you want to throw your blog a birthday celebration (on the date you registered the domain name)

That may seem strange, but who am I to pass judgment?

Get A Professional Voice-Over Here

5. Online Private Lessons

Do you struggle with something and wish to improve?


Get some private lessons and study more about the thing you’re terrible at until it becomes excellent.

Isn’t that correct? It certainly does.

You may get online private classes for almost any subject you can think of. From personal finance to business, arithmetic, learning a new language, and even cooking, there’s something for everyone.

There are numerous things you can learn and improve upon. So have a look at the available private lessons and see what piques your interest.

Get Online Private Lessons Here

6. WordPress

Starting a blog on WordPress is not difficult; in fact, my guide will show you how to do so in about 15 minutes.

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So, why should you buy WordPress gigs from Fiverr?

Well, you could want to consider enhancing your WordPress blog security, or correcting bugs, or adding new functionality or customization to your website that you might need.

Oh, and to speed it up if you’ve bloated it with a tonne of plugins, making it painfully slow for visitors to load your pages.

These days, website speed is very important, and Google has confirmed that it is a ranking factor. As a result, you don’t want your site to load slowly.

Get WordPress Gigs Here

7. Content Writing

Even though I’ve shown you a few tricks for writing blog posts quickly, you could not be in the mood for it or be preoccupied with other responsibilities.

You may also want to boost the amount of information on your blog or website beyond what you can write on your own.

When that happens, you should look into Fiverr’s content writing gigs.

Sure, you won’t get award-winning writing, but if you look around and look at testimonials and samples of gig sellers, you might come across some good freelance writers.

These Fiverr gigs can also be used to purchase copywriting for your landing page or site, as well as creating eBooks and guest articles.

Some gig sellers specialize in writing SEO content; however, they frequently keyword load the whole thing to the point where it becomes more of a piece of content for a machine than for an actual reader, so I don’t recommend getting those.

Get Content Writing Gigs Here

8. Proofreading & Editing

You might want to consider buying proofreading and editing gigs in the same way that you might consider buying content writing gigs, especially if you’re writing in English as a non-native speaker: eBooks and books, product descriptions, landing page information, and so on.

I know my writing could use polishing now and then, so I always hire a proofreader when I write eBooks and reports. I use Grammarly for regular blog posts, which is also very helpful.

Get Proofreading & Editing Gigs Here

9. Infographic Design

Do you need a fantastic infographic for a blog post, a tutorial, or anything else?

On Fiverr, you can find many creative and skilled freelancers who can produce some fantastic infographics for you.

Are you aware of why infographics are hot?

Because they generate many backlinks and social media shares, they’re popular with everyone, especially when they’re well-designed.

They make it much easier to make a point or explain things in simpler terms.

Get Infographic Design Gigs Here

10. Book & eBook Cover Design

Book cover design jobs are also quite appealing, especially if you want to write and publish some books soon, either online or physically.

Get A Book Cover Design Here

11. Podcast Marketing

You may leverage podcast marketing Fiverr gigs in two ways:

To promote your blog, website, or business

To promote and expand your podcast (if you have one).

You may have noticed that I haven’t listed any actual marketing gigs on this list, and for a good reason.

As I previously stated, most Fiverr gigs, such as SEO, backlinks, social media, website traffic, and so on, typically cause more harm than benefit to your blog.

They are spammy, and individuals utilize bots and various software and weird crap that you do not want to be associated with.


If I had to pick a marketing job, I’d go with podcast marketing. If you have a podcast, you may hire some freelancers to promote it to increase downloads and outreach.

However, if you do not have your podcast, you may easily promote your blog or business on someone else’s podcast at a meager cost.

Example strategy: Purchase a voice-over gig for $5 or less and produce a commercial for your company (usually 30-60 seconds).

After you’ve completed the voice-over, you go and place an ad on a podcast relevant to your industry. Profit now, because that commercial will remain in that podcast episode in perpetuity (or at least until the podcast disappears from the internet)

You already know I’m a lover of inexpensive website traffic; however, it doesn’t always have to come from ad networks; occasionally, you may utilize alternative methods.

People and businesses have been advertising on podcasts for a long time, and they pay a lot of money to do so. Podcasts are also growing increasingly popular these days, which is why Joe Rogan was paid $100 million to relocate his YouTube show to Spotify.

Get A Podcast Ad

12. Press Releases

Okay, so this is the second marketing gig on this list and the last of the most excellent Fiverr gigs you can buy for your blog, website, or business.

Press release gigs let you pay a few dollars and instantly have your website and business appear on thousands of major news websites, including Google News-approved sites.

I’m not a fan for the same reasons I’ve already stated numerous times in this essay.

But, having said that.

Press releases work, and they are an excellent approach to publicize a new product, a new feature, or even an entire case study.

Don’t think of this as a link-building plan; most links will be no-follow, and Google doesn’t count PR links.


The excitement and marketing surrounding your website and business for a few days will undoubtedly enhance your traffic and even SEO if other sites begin naturally linking to your site after reading your press release.

Get A Press Release Gig Here

Best Fiverr Gigs: Conclusion

Are you disappointed that the article has come to an end? Would you like more gigs? Now go to Fiverr and select some interesting ones.

In any event, here are a few things to bear in mind when purchasing Fiverr gigs:

  • Always read the reviews and testimonials.
  • In the filter, adjust your budget accordingly.
  • If you require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact the seller before purchasing the gig.
  • If the seller takes too long, don’t be scared to cancel the gig.
  • Leave honest feedback to help other marketers make better decisions.
  • Establish relationships with freelancers.
  • Give new sellers a chance as well; they will be eager to please.
  • Leave a comment below and tell me which Fiverr gigs you prefer to buy.

P.S. If you’re seeking legitimate ways to make money online, you could also become a freelancer on Fiverr and sell your skills.

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